Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday Tally (sort of) and pack rat trauma

May 8'ths tally shows the following:

Status of my novel
total words to date: 36,679
pages: 160
completed chapters: 8

The sad truth - word count has gone down since then, as all I've done with it is delete a couple of paragraphs. However, since that date I have written nearly 3000 words on Mirror. And it's still not done! I won't have it ready for the deadline I wanted, but I'm sure I can find a different market for it. I only have a couple scenes left to write (truly this time).

Goals for this week:

  • finish writing Mirror
  • write anything for Emergence
The long weekend wasn't unproductive, however. We did some much needed deep cleaning. I am a major pack rat and horde anything even minutely sentimental. Some of the papers I threw out were encouraging notes from nearly ten years ago... And I almost cried when I threw away the stack of letters from my childhood friend. It doesn't matter that we no longer keep in touch; his letters were what kept me going when we moved to the other end of the state in my 5th grade year. Anyway, we went through the closet and the front room, throwing away anything we didn't miss in the past five years, and reorganizing what was left. Looks a lot better, but completely wore me out. Sunday we played some Wii sports and my right arm/shoulder is still sore from the baseball and tennis (I lost horribly at both - at least I have a chance when we do the bowling). One of the things boxed away for now is most of the scrapbooking supplies. I enjoy scrapbooking, but don't really have the space here, or a way to organize it all. Hopefully everything works out and we can get out of this apartment and into a house next year.


  1. Best of luck with your goals--sounds like a hugely busy weekend!!

  2. I know it must seem like I live on a different planet sometimes ;) but I check your blog for new posts everyday! Keep in touch sis!

  3. I know how you feel getting rid of things. It can be so painful. For me, I've actually gotten better at it by flinging things on a regular basis. It seems like things start to get sentimental value just from me keeping them around too long-- even if they didn't initially. I try to tell myself also, "The memory is what matters-- not the stuff." Good for you.