Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quick Update

In an hour, B and I are leaving for the house with my in-laws. Going to do some painting, and a guy is coming to measure for carpet. We’ve done some fixes, gotten the vents cleaned (much needed!), put in a couple new doors, and painted a formerly Disney-princess-pink-with-purple-trim room. Not much left to do, thank goodness. We’re going to paint the family room, front room, and one of the bathrooms. Other rooms aren’t top priority, and will only be repainted if we have leftover paint. Saturday I was painting doors outside, and got sunburned. Been a while. Not fun. Bringing sunscreen from now on. We’re getting new carpet in the family room (previous owners had three dogs in there), and getting the rest cleaned. Really looking forward to all this pre-work being done, and being able to actually live there!


B had his first “monster-under-the-bed” experience. Now added to the bedtime routine are checking under the bed, telling him everything is safe, and leaving the door open.


Moving date is May 23. Not much longer! Still have packing to do…


Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to any mothers who read this! My husband bought me a radio/CD player, which I have been wanting. :-)


  1. Wow! You've been busy! Good luck with the move and the house :D

  2. Good luck with packing! Love the moving-day widget on the side :)