Friday, November 13, 2009

Tilara Scarlet (NaNoWriMo character)

Not meeting my word count for the week (hubby took sick day yesterday). I’ll just spread the word count over the next few weeks. Rather than stress, I’d like to share one of my characters with you. I first created this character for a joint story/game that I never ended up participating in. It’s exciting finally getting the chance to write about her.


Tilara is an elf from the Scarlet Clan, named for the Scarlet Oak and known for making wine from the acorns of such trees.

Tilara and two other elves from trusted families were chosen by Queen Baowen Willow to serve as diplomats to Pallovia, the neighboring human kingdom.

Tilara is taller than most humans at 6’3”. Like most elves, her skin is very pale. Her chestnut hair is very long. She wears a black key around her neck to remind her of a box waiting at home, a gift from her favorite niece.

In my initial character sketch, Tilara is uninterested in romance, and a vegetarian. I have learned that in Race to 100 Deaths she doesn’t start that way. By the end of the story, she will have very good reasons to acquire those traits.

She is very loyal to her queen and people. She wants to complete the task set by the queen, and return to her family. She is calm, trusting, and has no prejudice against the humans.

Along with her fellow elven diplomats, Tilara is taken captive by a human baron that wants war. He forces them into a contest, a Race to 100 Deaths. The first to get their kills and return will become his personal assassin. The other two will die. With the restrictions and spells in place, Tilara soon learns that the only way she can serve her queen and return home, is to first conquer the baron’s challenge.

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