Friday, April 8, 2011

ABC Meme

Saw this on Nikki’s blog and decided to play along. :)  

Age:  28

Bed Size:  Queen

Chore You Hate:   Cleaning bathrooms. Eww.

Dogs:   Allergic.

Essential Start of Your Day:  Claritin (at least for a good chunk of the year)

Favorite Color:  Purple

Gold or Silver:  Silver

Height:  5’8”

Instruments You Play:  Piano, Microphone

Job Title:  Mother, wife, writer.

Kids:  One, a seven-year-old boy

Live:  Utah

Mom's Name:  Super Mom

Nicknames:  M, M&M, Mar-Bear, MJ

Overnight Hospital Stays:  Birth of my son

Pet Peeve:  people who jay walk when the crosswalk or streetlight is a mere four car lengths away. Really, people. It would be quicker to walk down and make use of the light than wait for a gap in traffic. Not to mention safer.

Quote From a Movie:  “I don’t care what you believe, just… BELIEVE.”

Right- or Left-Handed:  Right

Siblings:  9. Three older brothers, an older sister, and four younger sisters.

Time You Wake Up:  6am to make my husband’s lunch, then back to bed until 7:30am (unless, like this morning, B gets up around 7). Weekends, usually around 8am.

Underwear:  worn

Veggie You Dislike:   turnip

What Makes You Run Late:  Losing track of time. My son’s stalling.

X-Rays You Have Had:  Dental, ultrasound, spine.

Yummy Food You Make:   crockpot lasagna

Zoo Animal You Like Best:  monkeys. I miss the monkey island they had at Hogle Zoo when I was a kid.


  1. Great list Mary! I should add my children stalling on things that make me run late too.

    And crockpot lasagna sounds good. Do you share your recipes?

  2. I've shared a few. I'll post the lasagna recipe tomorrow. I've had a few people ask for it now. :)