Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fox did it again

Why do I put myself up for these falls? Once again I got caught up in a FOX TV show that has been canceled. What show this time? Drive. After only four episodes (in two weeks), FOX has canceled Drive! They have two more episodes filmed, to "air this summer". Why can't they show the two before deciding ratings aren't good enough? I enjoyed this one. The characters were intriguing, good action and drama, engaging plot, lots at risk, good actors. I want to find out what happens next, but now we'll never know if Alex Tully gets his wife back (or find out why she was kidnapped), or get any answers for Corinna Wiles. And if those two episodes somehow manage to finish the race, well, that would be anticlimatic. This wasn't supposed to be a miniseries!

I suppose I set myself up. I know FOX has a bad track record for canceling good show. Which is why many people have stopped watching, which then results in low ratings, which is enough reason for the network to cancel the yet another show. Vicious cycle.

Other shows I loved that FOX has canceled:
  • Firefly - (don't get me started on how the network doomed it from the start) great characters, Joss Whedon humor and witty dialogue. at least we eventually got a movie
  • John Doe - (season one finished, but with a major cliffhanger) loved the mystery, characters, and story idea. wanted to keep watching and find out what really happened to John Doe, and why he knew everything except who he was. at least the secret to his knowledge has been revealed.
  • Tru Calling - Another that ended with a big cliffhanger with season one, but they did eventually air the six episodes filmed of season two (well, five of the six. last one was a Christmas theme they didn't want to air in Spring).
All these shows had good stories, characters, and no reliance on sex and soap opera relationships to carry it (maybe that's why they didn't stay... the irony). Currently, I admit to watching American Idol. Once you get down the final ten it's usually pretty good. There's some talent, and the show has turned out some great artists - Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Carrie Underwood... I'll be watching The Loop and Hell's Kitchen when they start up again in June. 'Til Death is awesome - hilarious and so true to married life. They better bring that back for another season. I don't know what they expect of their shows. I'm sure American Idol didn't do awesome in season one. Fox isn't all bad. But they can sure be frustrating.

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  1. ohh! an American Idol fan!!! Who do you want to win?!?!?!?