Monday, April 23, 2007

Phone problems - Updated

Apologies to anyone who might have called us. After not getting any incoming calls for an entire week, my husband tried calling home from work. The phone rang and rang on his end, but no ringing here. We think it's the phone, so will have to get a new one. Hopefully we didn't miss any important calls...

Edited to add:
We now have a new phone, which does ring. At least it was a phone problem and not the line. I guess it's no surprise the old one finally died. We had it since we got married (over five years). Hopefully this new one works well. Had a cheap one for a short interim - horrible reception, but just needed to determine where the problem was. Yesterday we got a nicer one - with answering machine! Still need to set up the answering machine, but it will be nice.


  1. Ahhh... this reminds of a time when Ethan was about 3 years old. Maybe a little younger. No calls. And then some calls that would abruptly stop after half a ring. After a visit from the phone man to make sure the lines were working outside, we discovered it was shorting because of some bread shoved in a phone jack. Look for bread before you shell out the big bucks to the phone company.

  2. Oh no, that doesn't sound fun. Thinking of you!