Monday, October 18, 2010

My Writing Space

Thanks to some of the inspiring workshops at the Muse Online Writers Conference, a Barnes and Noble gift card, and the upcoming NaNoWriMo, I finally got around to REALLY decluttering my work space this last week.

I don’t have a before picture, but imagine a desk with a stack of various sized papers on the left, hidden under notebooks. Pens always getting lost, to do lists hidden. No wonder I didn’t notice when I lost my first bliss book. Now that I’m really happy with my space, I’m determined to keep it clean.


Mary's Desk


How my clutter-less desk will help free me:

  • I bought a gorgeous butterfly day planner, so I won’t have a million little papers all over my desk.
  • I also got a large hardback notebook (for writing related stuff only) to sit on my desk, which won’t fit if the space is cluttered (motivation!).
  • I found a nice pen to use with my new planner and notebook. All three of which will fit in my shoulder bag nicely.
  • Owl City and Celtic music not only in easy reach, but not hidden by a stack of whatever.
  • Scented hand lotion to soothe and refresh. Currently, vanilla.
  • Not shown is a pink water bottle which sits on the desk calendar. Need to keep hydrated.
  • Worry stone in easy reach for while thinking/stressed, instead of hidden in drawer.
  • Computer desktop is nicely organized using Fences, a free program from Stardock.

Butterfly Planner Flower Notebook

What hasn’t changed are all the little friends on my top shelf. I don’t have as many folders and books up there to crowd them anymore, and do need to keep them dusted. And that pile of stuff in front of the white bear needs to get hung somewhere. Choir medal from graduation, dream catcher, and bead lizard.Desk Shelf


Ideally, and maybe someday when we have a bigger house, I would have an entire office or nook, with a separate computer for writing only. What’s your writing space like?


  1. Doesn't having an ORGANIZED workspace make all the difference in the world???

  2. wow I love it! :) you did great work there, Mary!

  3. Sara - Yes! I think my mind is even less cluttered looking at it.

    Sylly - Thanks!