Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Muse Theory

While my sick brain has a hard time forming sentences, my Muse doesn’t rest. Apparently she decided a week off was plenty. Yesterday I got some dialogue and character notes for one of my stories (better yet, one of the three I’m not focusing on…). And last night, or this morning, whatever you want to call 2 AM, I woke up from a dream and had to write down some of the images.

In my dream, the world was ending and yet the sight of a couple mermaid children playing in the water still brought joy. I couldn’t let that image go to waste.

Some say the Muse isn’t real. That it’s merely hard work and a good imagination. But moments like these make me wonder. When ideas seem to come from nowhere, or at least no where inside myself. Especially when I’m not feeling an iota of creativity in my sick slump. And somehow the Muse gets through.

I may not have the energy or brainpower to put these ideas to much use right now, but I have certainly been taking notes. Do you ever get inspired at the least likely of times?


  1. Oh gods yes, I do!

    Hence always having either a notebook or an iPhone present in my life to jot down notes. One of my story ideas was born in a feverish dream I wrote it down and then fell asleep again.

    The next morning I looked at the paper, and all I could decipher was turtle.

  2. *giggles at Sylvia's comment* I do the same, though I can usually make some sense of what I jot down. Good for using ideas later, not so good for amusing comments *wink*

    I really like this post, Fey. I agree writing and inspiration can sometimes have such an "other" quality to it as to create a near-palpable presence.

    I love both my muse AND my sandman (assuming they aren't one and the same). And I love the random strikes of inspiration, especially when they come in the form of a silver lining to an otherwise negative event or memory. Puts some positive back in the mix.