Friday, January 13, 2012

A Love Story

Last week I had my ten year anniversary. Now I’m going to share our story.

J and I first met online, through a dating site. I had a free profile and so did he. When he saw my profile come up as a match, he paid for a membership just to contact me. We chatted online, sent emails, eventually graduated to phone calls. After about a month, he finally asked me out.

It wasn’t all roses from there though. We had to be persistent just to meet!

Attempt one: Date time came, he showed up on my doorstep, and I wasn't home. I had gone downtown with some friends for a volunteer project. I had planned to be back in time for the date, but was reliant on others for transportation. When I found out I wasn't going to be back in time, I called his home. But he had already left and didn't have a cellphone. He thought I stood him up! I felt so bad. When I finally got a hold of him and apologized, he allowed me to reschedule.

Second chance: My planning wasn't that great the second time either. I had spent the previous night at a friend's, and got back to the apartment I realized I'd left the keys on the dresser inside, and no one else was home! So my hour to prep and freshen up was instead an hour sitting outside the door writing in my journal. I'd at least showered, but hadn't brushed my teeth, and was wearing this oversized t-shirt and no make-up (which for me is actually standard, but it was a first date! I wanted to impress!). He smiled at me when he approached, and held out a hand to help me up. He admitted he was surprised to see a blonde. I had totally forgotten my picture on the site was from earlier that year when I had my hair dyed auburn.

Success: Thankfully, I think seeing me in my more natural form helped us both to relax. I wasn't putting on any fronts. He was seeing the real me, like it or not. And he must have liked, as our date was the longest first date in my dating history.

We went miniature golfing (tied score!), ate lunch at Sconecutters, then extended the date to go to a movie. We were in between showings, so bought tickets and went to browse the bookstore next door.

I listened to the music CDs, and fell in love with this Celtic sampler. I had left my purse in the car, so asked him to buy it for me. Later I was reminded the exact phrasing was closer to: "Do you want me to love you forever? Buy me this Celtic CD." So he bought my love for $2.

We watched The Others (very enjoyable), then *still* didn't want to go our separate ways. Next stop: Leatherby's, where we talked and laughed. We probably would have kept our date going even longer, but couldn't think of anywhere else to go so late.

Sad thing? After this long, amazing date, he didn't ask me out again. Figured I was too good to be true, and wouldn't want another date. I had to ask *him* out for our second date. And what an intimidating date that was. I asked him over for a game night at my family's home. I had siblings bringing dates, and asked him to be mine. Playing "I have never" may not be the best way to introduce an introvert to your family.

But that did open the door for him, and he followed through by asking me to the zoo for our third date. I didn't hesitate in saying yes. I had tried with previous guys to get them to take me to the zoo, but none had. I have many fond memories of Hogle Zoo, and always thought it would be a great place for a date.

That day we held hands for the first time, he tried making me snort my lemonade from laughter, and we had a great time. After the zoo, we went to the movies. I don't remember what we saw, but we waited on the couch in the hall waiting for that show. I kicked back, lay my head on his lap, and my feet on the couch arm. Closed my eyes while he ran his hands through my hair. And when it was time to go in, he leaned down and kissed me.

One month later, he asked me to marry him. Three months after that, and we were married.

So there you have it. The beginning of our romance. It’s been quite a journey.


  1. Jeff sent me the link to this and I loved it! Very cute story, Mary, and well told. :)

  2. Hi Mary. Found this post by your link on your Writing.Com bio page, and I have to say I loved your story of your first meeting.

    Perhaps it's a tribute to human survival that time tempers those awkward moments of our past with the sweet 'sage' of time.

    A late congrats on your anniversary.

    Jace (WDC)

  3. Thanks, Jace. It's so true how time will change our outlook on memories.