Thursday, March 22, 2007

And so it begins...

And thus feywriter has come to Blogger. This is not my first blog, just my first here. My blog, Discovering Me, is very WDC oriented, rambly, and personal. My freewebs blog is more novel writing focused. This one will likely be somewhere in between. I chose Blogger because I like the ease of use, the sidebar features, and I have family here. *waves to family* And someday this will be the official blog of Author Mary W. Jensen. The official part and the name are already valid of course, but the author part is getting worked on. I will be a published author someday! Now off to work on that novel...


  1. yay! welcome to blogger. *waves back*

  2. Awesome...where do you find the time for all the blogs? I'll check it out frequently.