Friday, March 30, 2007

Writing Projects

While waiting for the school bus on Wednesday afternoon, I compiled a list of all the stories I'm currently writing or have plans to write. Here's the list.

* in progress

Emergence of the Fey*
War of the Fey (possible Emergence sequel)
Moon Spider (second generation story, same world)
Trinity Coven (Fantasy Romance. modern day magic, with warlocks and witch coven. have characters and general plotline already written up)

"Short" Stories
Blazing Princess* (Sleeping Beauty)
Mirror* (Snow White)
untitled Cinderella story
Fatinah's story (S.W. prequel - how the girl got in the mirror)

All the short stories take place in the same world. I'd love to have them all in a collection together someday. I finished chapter seven of Emergence. I'll take a couple more days away from it and work on finishing Blazing Princess. After a small break (from novel, not writing altogether), I will focus half my weekly writing on my novel and half on other projects. I'll work more on Mirror after Princess is done. I need to start Fatinah's story as I want to submit it to Mslexia for their Mirror, Mirror theme - deadline in June. (I was writing Mirror for that theme as well, but max length is 3000 words and I think it will go over that.)

After I finish Emergence (goal to finish by my birthday, Nov. 25), I'm not sure which novel to start next. Multiple story projects is fine, but I want to focus on one novel at a time. Trinity Coven is the most planned out, but would take the most research being set in the real world. I'd love to take a trip to England before writing it as that's where the story starts. War of the Fey isn't even a for sure thing. I know publishers love trilogy's and series for fantasy, as they sell good. But I don't want to force another book if there isn't any more story to tell. I'll have a better idea after I finish the current one. Same goes for Moon Spider. Though I do want to tell a story about Marian's daughter Ranyia, I only have a vague idea on what that story is. Well, enough speculation for now. I still have eight months to brainstorm and "what if".


  1. congrats on finishing Blazing Princess, by the way. Yes, it is something of a tear-jerker, but it is also a COMPLETED PROJECT! *throws confetti*

  2. I would like to read Blazing Princess - Liz says it is a well written tear jerker.