Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Cookies

Earlier this week we made tiny sugar cookies (thanks Mom for the cookie cutters!). Turned out so very yummy. They are so easy to just pop one in your mouth though... so over half gone already. Tomorrow I'm going to make coconut macaroon cookies. Hopefully those will turn out as well. At least the recipe looks easy. Here's some pictures for you (had to clear the camera for Christmas ;-) ).


Christmas table (before pressies from friends and family).


Sugar cookies, in keeper, then with regular sized mug of cocoa (was a snack, not breakfast). Shapes are Santa, tree, and stocking. Colors are from a neon dye pack (thought we'd do something different this year).



Mmm... cookies... *wanders off*


  1. Wait...aren't you sharing?! I brought some of mine! Let's sit, have some hot cocoa and cookies and chat...


    Merry Christmas, my friend. I hope it's a great one!!

  2. How cute. They look like animal cracker's colors.

  3. Those cookies really are tasty. And if the coconut macaroon recipe you're using is the same one Mom used, you shall not be disappointed. Mmm ... Christmas cookies!

  4. The cookies you sent me must've gotten lost in the mail - just kidding! They look delicious! Here's hoping you and yours are enjoying the holiday season!