Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday Tally next gen (err, draft)

Status of my novel

  1. first draft
  2. read and revise for plot
  3. read and revise for continuity
  4. read and edit for grammar
  5. polish prose to prettiness
  6. write query and synopsis
  7. query agents

total words to date: 89,680

pages: 393

chapters revised: 8/20

Last week's goals:

  • start tackling writing.com email inbox... - cut pages in half, but still a lot to go through
  • fool around with Flip.com  - my first flip book is linked below 
  • prep and send Fantasy newsletter and EotF mailing list  - done
  • celebrate finished novels with Liz  - postponed to next Sat due to sickness. Get well soon Liz! 

Goals for this week:

  • clear out another chunk from writing.com inbox 
  • finish first read through of EotF
  • celebrate with Liz
  • write a new poem

The page and word count dropped because I cut the first scene entirely. The first part was moved to a different chapter, but the rest is gone. Unneeded. I'm hoping the new first scene (which was the third) is a better place to start. I also rearranged the remaining scenes of chapter one so all of Marian's POV are first, then the two in Jex's POV end the chapter. That should give the reader more time to connect with Marian. Other than that, I've mostly been making notes and a few minor changes. I'll be breaking chapter nine in two, as it's twice as long as the other ones. So far I haven't seen much in the way of plot that needs fixing. Keeping an updated outline with scene details a few chapters ahead of where I was writing seemed to help in that regard. Of course, other eyes will be better to see the plot holes and flaws I'm sure exist.


Here's the flipbook I've finished. It's a fun tool, but does require patience. As does making a website presentable, so I've had practice there.




Three haiku....

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  1. I'm excited about this Saturday. If finals don't kill me first, I will definitely be there. Good luck with your revisions! I can't wait to get started with mine (less than two weeks before break).