Thursday, December 6, 2007

You've Got Mail

Last weekend we watched The Postman - a post-apocalyptic show with Kevin Costner. After finding undelivered mail, one man delivers some in exchange for food and lodging. But what started as a con becomes a quest to return hope through restoring postal service. Very good show. It made me grateful for the communication lines we currently have in place. It would be difficult going back to a time with no internet, no mail, no tv. No way to know what's going on in the world. Each city would be an island.


I love mail. My daddy is a postman, currently a supervisor at a post office. But I didn't really appreciate mail until we moved when I was in fifth grade. Letters were my link to everything and everyone I knew. I'd rush to be the one to check the mail each day, even going out barefoot in the snow. Getting a letter would make my day. It was a rush. Though it's rare for me to get an actual handwritten letter anymore, what with everyone having e-mail, there's still that little thrill when I hear the mailman come. And sometimes it pays off to be the one rushing out to get the mail. Yesterday my Christmas gift to my husband came. I had to hurry and hide it in the closet before he got a look, especially since the name on the package is his (his name on the card and Paypal account and all).


E-mail is equally addicting, especially with the speed of sending and replies, but I do miss the feel of writing a letter.


  1. Handwritten notes are the best. I think that our society is just trying to move to quickly and to do too many things. We need to slow down and if enough people did, I'm sure the art of letter-writing would return. Uh, sorry for the 'pace of life' rant. At least it was short. :)

  2. I agree with you and Liz. My grandma writes me letters which I love receiving. And one thing I love about Christmas time is receiving cards and newsletter updates. This year I've considered not doing a card/newsletter because of my blog telling everything year-round. But I may still send out cards.

    Hey, I finally packaged up your winnings from my long-ago-giveaway. And I was going to take it to the post office this morning, but it was negative 27 degrees. I think they may not even be open on base Saturdays. I didn't want to chance that with the three youngest kids in tow. So, Danny's working nights next week which means he'll be home during the mornings. Monday morning it'll be on the way. So, there, you have some mail to look forward too. :)