Thursday, June 26, 2008

Piano! potties... plus philosophy

I got a call from my mom earlier this week. She got me a piano! It's second hand, from an old church building that's going to be torn down. But it's mine. I spent a couple hours measuring and planning for a place to put it, and had it all figured out.... then shared the news with my mother-in-law who asked "How are you getting it in the apartment?" . . . You see, we are on the bottom floor, and after the steps down there's this sharp narrow corner, with really no room to maneuver a piano. Maintenance guys had a hard time getting in our washer and dryer. So, my mom is holding my piano at her house until we get a new place (Thanks Mom!). Hopefully that will happen later this year. Still working out if it will be possible. *crosses fingers*


Slow progress on the potty training, but progress none-the-less. He pooped in the toilet for the first time today. Was prompted though. Usually ends up sitting on the potty as a cleanup or pees on the way (don't know how many times I've asked "do you need to potty?" when I know he's dry, and he's wet by the time we get to the bathroom only a short hallway away. is there like a trigger or something??).


And, since it's been a while, and B is peeing less frequently, and P took a nap (alas, only an hour), I got some Q's answered.


5,000 Questions... My answers so far...


317. What are your feelings about the death penalty? This is a toughie. Well, as is most any other controversial issue... You see, I can see both sides of an issue and am easily swayed. Very hard to take an actual stance. Also why I don't vote. The more informed I get about politics and issues, the less I know who/what to vote for. I would be horrible in debate...

318. If there was a god and you could ask him/her one question what would it be? What does He see in me that I don't?

319. Do you believe that life will be found on other planets? I believe there is life on other planets. Will we ever be advanced enough to find each other? I don't know.

320. What is something worth suffering for? Apparently getting a child potty trained... and being a mom in general. But I draw my line with one. Don't want to tip the balance between joy and suffering. Note that this is just me. I have nothing against my mom or siblings with their many children. I personally don't feel emotionally or physically capable of raising two or more. Stretched thin enough just babysitting a second... I'm sure there are other things worth suffering for, but ask me when B is done peeing his pants...

321. If you could put an extra eye on your body anywhere you wanted, where would you put it? Extra eye, eww... The back of my hand, maybe? Then I could aim it just about any direction I want. Much more versatility than the back of the head. Though still creepy.

322. Are you in touch with the earth and nature? Not to the extent I used to be. I miss my long, aimless walks.

323. Would you rather live simply or extravagantly? simply extravagant. seriously.

324. Have you ever been camping? Yes. I remember camping regularly growing up - Family Camp (reunions), Girls Camp (church group), Honeycomb Rock (back in southern Utah). Last time I went camping was Family Camp in August 2004. Me, five-month old B, and my family camping out with aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. My husband doesn't like camping much, so didn't join us.

325. Is your heart open when you meet someone new? I think my heart was way too open. Since being married, not so much. At least not open to love. Open to friendship, yes.

326. Are you able to have conversations with and become friends with people who are not like you and are interested in different things than you are? I don't know. Initial friendships, sure. Long lasting, hasn't really happened yet. Not sure whose side was to blame, if any. Any relationship needs common ground. C.S. Lewis says it well:

Friendship arises out of mere Companionship when two or more of the companions discover that they have in common some insight or interest or even taste which the others do not share and which, till that moment, each believed to be his own unique treasure (or burden). The typical expression of opening Friendship would be something like, 'What? You too? I thought I was the only one.'


327. Are strangers more beautiful or frightening to you? Beautiful. It's the interacting part that is frightening, not the people themselves.

328. What stops you from doing everything you want to do? Money stops me from traveling. My own fears stop me from doing other things.

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