Thursday, November 20, 2008

At long last, more of the 5k Qs

5,000 Questions... My answers so far...


501. If you could rename yourself what would your new name be? as a teenager - I wanted to be Daphne Starlight


502. What is your Glam Rock name (the name of your first pet plus your street name)? Sailor Plumtree

503. Have you ever created your own 'what ___ are you' quiz? nope
If you did make one what would it be about? Which Fey are you? (from EotF world: sylph, djinn, dryad, or undine)

504. What is your favorite song from the 70's? Love Story. My husband gave me a dove music box that plays the song.

505. What do you feel like complaining about? the good shows getting cut (current culprit, NBC with "My Own Worst Enemy". I'll be watching up to the last episode they show. Still edge-of-the-seat awesome.)

506. What do you feel like celebrating? life, family. How could I not with my birthday and Thanksgiving coming up.

507. Have you lost touch with anyone you should call? my college sister. but I've tried getting in touch with her to no avail :(

508. Deep in thought do you forgive everyone? forgive them, yes. excuse them, no.

509. Can a person speak out against their government and still support their country? yes. that's what democracy and freedom of speech is all about.

510. What do you have faith in? God, the good in people, my family

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