Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TT and Life Update

EotF Status

letting it sit before draft 6


T.C. Status

word count: 2,893


Poems Written



Goals for November

  • Poem a Week - doing good so far. already have one finished, and two more in draft stages
  • submit a batch of poetry weekly - sending some off today
  • mail off Blazing Princess again - need access to a working printer


Good thing I started my poem early yesterday. Just before lunch, B was helping me with laundry, and did a not so helpful thing of prematurely slamming the dryer door. Ouchie to three squished fingertips, right hand. No writing or typing for me after that. Fingers no longer throbbing today, merely tender and bruised under the nail. Could be worse. As you can tell, I can type fine, I just avoid using my middle finger on the mouse scroll. Too much pressure.


This looks to be an extra busy month. Thursday is Parent Teacher Conference. This weekend my missileer brother is coming down for a week. Don't get to see him much, so I'll be going down a couple different days to visit with mom and him. The reason he's got leave is that my grandma isn't doing well. She had a stroke a while back and is slowly getting worse. Not expecting her to last much longer. Essentially, they told my parents to start planning the funeral. It's sad, but at least we have time to prepare. (Hopefully more time rather than less.)


The last week of the month we have my birthday and Thanksgiving. All goals still in place. We'll see how the month goes.

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