Friday, August 7, 2009

Busy Weekend

I’ve got a lot to do this morning, to get chores and preparations out of the way. After lunch, we’re dropping B off at my in-laws. He’s staying through Sunday. (Woot!) Husband and I will then go see an afternoon showing of Cirque Du Soleil: Saltimbanco.  So excited!


After the show, we’ll be eating out, using a gift card to Olive Garden that was given to my husband by a friend.


Then tomorrow, extended date time! My husband’s five year anniversary for working at his job came up this week, and they gave him a gift certificate to Mimi’s, and a gift certificate to the movies. So we’ll be going out to dinner again, and seeing a movie.


So, I need to give B a bath, get laundry done, plan meals for shopping Saturday, get B’s weekend bag together, and hopefully fit in some writing.


What are your weekend plans?


  1. I'm hoping the weather will be lovely on Sunday so that my boyfriend and I can take a picnic lunch up to one of my favorite wineries :)

    Have fun at Cirque Du Soleil!

  2. I'll be gestating. :p

    Sounds like a fun weekend for you guys.