Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Report

I had a spectacular weekend. Cirque Du Soleil: Saltimbanco was absolutely amazing. Breathtaking. The singer was incredible, as was the live band. And the acts! The duo trapeze artists about gave me a heart attack when one caught her partner’s feet with her own. The biggest surprise, and the most fun, was Eddie. A jester, a clown, a master of sound effects. I laughed so hard! One of my favorite acts, though, had to be the boleadora duo. Very cool. The show was definitely worth the ticket price. If they come again with a different show, we will buying tickets without hesitation. And this is coming from two people who rarely go to events, not wanting to pay the high ticket prices. Cirque Du Soleil is worth every penny.


Olive Garden was a great follow up. I’d only been there for lunch, or had their soups. This was the first time I had one of their specialty dishes. I had the Chicken Scampi. Oh my gosh, was it good. Exquisite. I couldn’t finish it all, but not for lack of wanting. My husband had the Grilled Steak Crostada, which he enjoyed. I have finally seen the why Olive Garden gets the praise it does. It’s not worth it to go for the chicken parmesan, or spaghetti, or lasagna. Get something specialty rather than generic Italian. It’s worth the extra cost. My leftovers even heated well.


After such a filling dinner Friday, we decided not to eat out at Mimi’s on Saturday, saving our gift card for a future date. We still went to a movie. We saw The Perfect Getaway. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It wasn’t an action-packed horror, or gore fest. Yay! Lots of suspense, and wondering who was the killer. With a killer twist in the second act.


Sunday was nice, not having to pick up B until the afternoon. This was the first time he’d spent two nights away from us. He did just fine, and had a fun time with his grandparents. Saturday he got to play for five hours with one of his cousins. He loves playing with other kids. We’re both looking forward to school starting soon.


With B gone, we took advantage of uninterrupted game time and opened up one of our unplayed board games: A Touch of Evil. We had so much fun, we left it out and played it again the following morning. I have yet to be disappointed by a Flying Frog Productions game. Next time we need to play with the soundtrack.


Conclusion: Awesome weekend!

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