Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Hero

Two hero poems for you today, from my vault. A different view of your traditional hero.

A magical quest
journey for the talisman
a clichéd hero

To Be a Hero?

A youth seeking guidance
kneels before the village matron.
She rests her withered hand
atop the boy's bowed head

"We found you in the woods --
a babe crying alone.
You welcomed our embrace
And we gave you a home.

Now your growing hands
ask for a sword;
your growing feet
wish to wander.

Dear child,
sometimes it's better not to question.
Knowledge may be power,
but the answers may distort your view.

If you pursue destiny
through the twilight forest,
you leave inexperienced, exposed
for destruction at your rival's whim.

Take heed to your elder now.
Don't take that first step 
to see the wizard;
once that path is chosen, you cannot return.
Embrace the life you have --
leave the world to its own devices."

And the boy lifts his head
to see this village, his home,
wondering if his purpose
is greater than self,
and decides if it is enough.


  1. Great post for H of the #AtoZ challenge.

    I linked via my post for 'I'

  2. Thanks for stopping by, and for the link love. :)