Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for Rain

I seem to be writing a lot of rain this month. I love the rain. The sound, the smell, the touch. I’m going to start out with an oldie but favorite. The second poem was my villanelle about the weather for day nine. And the last is an Elfje I wrote today.


Red sneakers exchanged for red galoshes,
I wander in the hungry rain.
The green clouds in the stormy sky
Light the lazy edge of the sidewalk
And my dog a dusty wolf
Stalks the myriad puddles,
Hesitating when he finds himself
In the depths of their dim waters.
But I, in my new galoshes,
Lose myself in the worn rain.

waiting in rain
I look out at the rain,
a raging thunderstorm
transforming the terrain.

Run to catch my train…
huddle on the platform;
I look out at the rain--

the lightning is insane,
a light dance in freeform
transforming the terrain.

The train pulls up to its domain--
I clamber on, glad to get warm;
I look out at the rain,

forehead pressed on windowpane
I watch the waters swarm,
transforming the terrain.

At least it's not a hurricane.
Soon we'll reach my dorm.
I look out at the rain
transforming the terrain.

hits pavement
one becomes many
storm clears the air

Note: "Reflections" is a poem from Chiaroscuro, coming soon.


  1. I love Downpour. I could hear the sound of the train again.

    Loved the Elfje too :)