Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for... Adventure to Agony

I actually wrote two poems today. The double prompt from Poetic Asides is a beginning and an ending poem. So I wrote one for each.

BMW R1200GS Adventure motorcycle
BMW R1200GS Adventure motorcycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I open the door
breathe in fresh spring air
of a new day--
My day
to take as I please.

I secure a pack to the bike,
six string on my back
no school, no job
just me and the open road.
A trip to nowhere and anywhere
to find myself.

Stop on a whim--
barter for a bed or
play for my supper,
new faces and places
shape my music.

Each day a new adventure.

No More Running

Broken Fence
Broken Fence (Photo credit: Chrispl57)
Feral growls chase me
I duck through broken fence,
only to find more dead ahead
pouring from the house.

I turn back, but the way is blocked;
dirty torn fingernails reach through fence
tear into my flesh--
I stagger back
with my own feral scream.

Find shelter in an empty shed,
hands pressed to my gut
I sink to the floor
back bracing the door.

Tears and blood pour from me,
Infection ripping
through my veins,
the pain a constant jab…

Is this it? The end?
No more stargazing
or chocolate
or kisses.
In agony.

With bloody fingers I clasp
the key hanging from my neck
until the teeth
dig into my skin.

The key to your heart…
I drift away,
remember our wedding day
promises of love eternal.

Horror snarls
as the door cracks
reminds me that death did us part.

I sob,
pain of body and heart
too much to bear.

Envious of the mindless moans,
the painless existence of
the once dead,
I open the door.

Welcome the horde. 
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  1. wow, two completely different poems, you really tell a story with so few words.

    So many things leaped out to me that I can't even begin to list them all.

    I loved "my day". So strong in that one line and "Welcome the Horde" made me gasp.

    Have a great A to Z! I have just subscribed via email so I can see your posts come in :)