Monday, August 27, 2007

Inklings, Website, and Poetry

I recently wrote an article on Inklings and Writing Groups. I've also been looking at my website with an eye for improvements. I've added a scene excerpt, and made notes of some pages that need updating. I feel guilty for letting it go stale for so long... Erica is doing a series on websites, so I will be reading that diligently.

I've decided to board the Monday Poetry Train. I'm beginning to doubt that I will ever get paid for my poetry, though I will continue to submit to magazines. In the meantime, I may as well share some here.

The following is a poem I wrote back in February. I remember I was trying new poetry forms, but don't recall what form this one is. Silly me forgot to write it down. Without further ado,


Spoon caresses polar mound,
scooping gently, then ascend -
bound for where it's most renowned.

Open wide to comprehend
bursting tastes in my mouth sprung -
three distinct clear flavors blend.

Silky chills seduce my tongue;
chocolate melts dark and sweet,
strawberry goes not unsung,

last, vanilla seals this treat;
love for this is so profound,
goosebumps trickle to my feet.

Steel withdraws without a sound;
once again it does descend -
spoon caresses polar mound.

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  1. makes me yearn for a bowl of neapolitan ice cream!