Monday, August 13, 2007


Multiple times over the past couple years, I've tried getting into an exercise routine. A few times I succeeded for a couple months, then got sick or something else interrupted the routine and it died off. I realize a big problem has been the lack of motivation. I'm not counting pounds, or running a marathon, so it's hard to measure progress. I simply need to be healthier and have more energy. But that takes too long to start showing. I need short term motivation, especially to get past the initial painful/exhaustive stages. I tried rewarding myself with a candybar after a good week, but that had two problems: 1) more sugar isn't exactly a good reward for acting healthy, and 2) we tend to have treats on a regular basis so it isn't anything special.

Today I brainstormed rewards, and worked on my list of goals. Inspiration flashed. Combine two of them! One thing I really want/need is a vacation. I'd be happy to settle for a night in Vegas. But it's been six years since I went on a real one. So, I'm going to set aside a few dollars (exact amount to be determined) every time I exercise, to put in a vacation fund for Fall 2008. The more I exercise, the better I can afford. Seeing those dollars add up will hopefully keep me working out. I have my own money from babysitting, and it will be easy to set aside. In addition to motivating me to exercise, this will make the goal of a vacation more attainable and realistic. Now to determine a reasonable dollar amount...


  1. AWESOME PLAN!! What a brilliant idea to combine goals! I'm actually planning on running a marathon next year. And Danny promised me that if I do it he'll take me to Hawaii afterwards. So, I could set aside a certain amount for every mile walked (or something like that) and build up our vacation money. I too am always looking for rewards but try to keep them from being edible rewards-- so as not to sabotage the weight loss. This is a great idea! Thanks so much Mary. :)

  2. GREAT idea! I too am always looking for motivation (same goals too... energy and healthy) and never quite stick to it... hmm i'll have to talk to adam ... I too want a vacation! What is it with us girls and vacations?