Friday, November 16, 2007

Family Traditions and reminders

I am grateful for family traditions. Such as drawing names for Christmas, so I don't have to buy presents for all eight of my siblings every year. That would be a big chunk of cash. It's difficult enough trying to find gifts for the one plus parents on both sides. Another nice tradition that prevents scheduling conflicts or arguments is switching sides for major holidays. For example, this year we go to my in-laws for Thanksgiving and my family for Christmas. Next year it will be the other way around.


Unrelated topic: I read a quote today that I really needed a reminder of.


"You fail only if you stop writing." ~ Ray Bradbury


I came so close to quitting this past week. But I didn't. Today I sat down and I wrote another scene. I will finish this novel, and I won't stop there. I'll keep writing, polishing, and submitting.


  1. I feel especially grateful for family traditions after talking to people who don't really have a lot of family traditions. I can't imagine birthdays and holidays without the traditions of my family.

  2. Oh! I like that quote. I have been in a 'put a quote with your picture' mood lately. Some of which is because I 'gave' a package of 'inspirational thoughts' on WDC for a couple of the forums...but also because it is so much fun.

    They also seem to be big sellers, my photos/art with quotes.

    Anyway, I like the quote...and that you are having a good November and appreciate your family, faults and all.

    {{Hugs}} and love,

  3. A fellow Sven sweater just dropping by to congratulate you on getting those words out this week. Don't quit! I've been struggling a bit, too. So....Go Sven!

  4. It's a good quote... glad you didn't quit.

    Those kind of moments hit almost every writer, I'd think. You just have to work past it.