Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday Tally, kids, and the WGA strike

Status of my novel

total words to date: 80,555

pages: 351

completed chapters: 16

Last week's goals:
  • write newsletters (W.W., Fantasy, and website) - all written and sent
  • finish chapter 17  - finishing today, after babysitting and headache over 
  • update Wilcox Writers on the Web - done

Goals for this week:

  • write four scenes in WIP (in addition to today's writing)
  • make specific plans (time and place) for next WW mtg
  • start cleaning up my email inboxes... (all 4.. err, 5 of them) *note to self: quit packratting messages* starting with my main hotmail account


This Wednesday I'll be attending my first Parent-Teacher Conference. I do have a few questions for the teacher, if she doesn't volunteer the information - such as does B talk at all in class. Question for experienced parents here: Is it okay to bring my child to the PTC, or do I want my husband to entertain him elsewhere?


My regular babysitting days have been M, Tu, Th, and F for quite some time now, two half days and two full. P's grandparents watch him on Wednesdays, but in December they leave for an LDS mission. Which means I'll be picking up the Wed babysitting for a little more money. Not really looking forward to it, but it's only another short day and B is gone to preschool for most of that time. And if I didn't agree to watch him, then P's mom would simply pay someone else to do it. After all the holidays I'll probably be wanting a babysitter on more frequent weekends, to de-stress. We'll see how it goes.


The Writers Guild of America has started their strike. I support the screenwriters, even if it means more reruns and less of my favorite shows. Here's a great video on why they strike and what they fight for:



  1. Strike! Strike! I hope it goes well for them.

  2. Let's hear it for the writers! I saw your blog link on Seventy Days of Sweat and decided to hop over and say hello. :D

  3. About parent-teacher conference. It used to be that you always left the kids home, but nowadays bringing the kids is actually encouraged. Depends on whether you need to talk privately with the teacher?, is the young child going to be too much distracted?, or it can be a good excuse to get out alone and let hubby tend! Try not to miss any conferences - it's a good time to touch bases with the teacher even when you have no concerns.