Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Poem and distractions

Last week my hubby surprised me by buying Ace Attorney: Justice for All, the sequel to the DS game I was playing. But because I got so caught up in the final episode of the first one (even taking it to meals...), I have vowed not to start this one until I finish writing chapter seventeen. And my characters just had to go and create another scene that wasn't on my storyboard. So I will be getting back to writing shortly, hopefully to get one scene closer to finishing the chapter.


Today's poem is another bio poem, but about a person instead of an object. Written 6/28/06.


See this Woman.

Impulsive, timid, empathetic, passionate.

Sister of many, Mother of one.

Who loves the fantastical, music that moves, and someone to hold onto.

Who often feels she is not good enough.

Who cares for her friends and family.

Who gives love unconditional; life to words; a glimpse into her soul.

Who fears separation, rejection, and responsibility.

Who would like to see her byline on a book; the castles of Europe; the sun set on the ocean.

Resident of an emotional landscape.



  1. Do you have a PSP? Adam is looking at getting one - and I wanted any informatino you had...

  2. It's hard to believe it's already November (yet, at the same time, it feels like it should be December. odd)! We should throw ourselves a party when you finish Emergence

  3. Wonderful poem Mary. You truly have a gift for greatness with writing.

  4. Jo - we don't have a PSP, sorry. More response coming via email.

    Liz - Umm, special meeting on the 24th? remember?

    Nikki - Thank you. :-)

  5. Beautiful poem, but a little sad too. It's to your credit that your poetry invokes such strong feelings with your readers. Keep writing.