Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Page 99

I recently learned about the 99 page test: “…skip to page 99, read it, and if the writing or scene grabs you, chances are, it’s worth beginning. If not, toss it.”


Of course, curious, I turn to the current page 99 for EotF. Here it is:


Jex shifted. "If I had another horse, or if Nac didn't mean so much, I'd let you take him in your search for your sister."


Marian snorted. "Trust me, I'm glad to be rid of him. Your stupid horse wouldn't shut up. If I could, I'd pay you to take him back."


"Wait. What do you mean he wouldn't shut up?"


"He just kept talking, complaining and telling endless stories that I have no interest in…"


"I thought you said you couldn't talk to horses."


"I couldn't. But now I can. Whatever happened on that mountain… apparently awoke more than just Fey magic."


"I wouldn't go around advertising that if I were you."


Marian paled, realizing the implications of the wrong person finding out. He's a dasa, subservient to an enchanter. What am I doing blabbering to him about my abilities? He's right. I shouldn't be talking about it. Not even to him. Especially to him. "You can't tell anyone. Just leave me alone. Forget you ever met me."


"Already forgotten. It's a good thing the bard didn't overhear. I don't think he'd be as generous."


Marian lifted her chin defiantly. "Cail is a good man. He wouldn't turn me in."


Jex spoke softly. "It's good to hope so, but I wouldn't suggest betting your life on it."


What would your reaction be? Toss or read? Who knows if this will be my same page 99 once I'm done with revisions. Got some big ones in the works. But an interesting test nonetheless. And if you're more of a first pages person, you can read the first scene on my website, or a slightly modified version of the first chapter on Crapometer.

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