Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Green Tuesday Tally

EotF Status

I thought my synopsis was down to five pages. I did some digging to find out the preferred format, and learned the agent wants double-spaced... like the manuscript, not the query. Ouch. My five pages inflated to nine. My husband has given feedback from an insider's perspective. I've hacked away, and the synopsis is currently six pages. I'm sending it to someone who hasn't read the book, to see if it makes sense and hopefully help me tighten it some more.


T.C. Status

word count: 7,718

Wrote another scene. Progress, yay!


FwM Status

word count: 2,387

Going to get deeper into my MC's head, give him more character quirks.


Color Poems

complete: 12

min needed for chapbook: 20


Previous Goals:   

  • whittle down synopsis and get feedback
  • write another color poem
  • revise 1 poem
  • submit poetry


Goals for this week:

  • revise and submit poem
  • polish synopsis
  • send out next round of queries
  • write a chapter in TC


Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Anyone know the origin of pinching someone for not wearing green? Strange tradition... It's amazing how wide-spread this Irish holiday is. And here is some Luck of the Irish for you, from a cute and cuddly bear.

shamrock bear

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