Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Tally and the never ending synopsis

EotF Status

Prepping next batch of queries (most wanting synopsis), so they are ready when my synopsis is. (That word is looking stranger every time I type it.)


T.C. Status

word count: 6,677

Didn't add anything new to either story, being so involved with previously mentioned synopsis. Need to get that thing out of the way so I can reach my word count goal here.


FwM Status

word count: 2,387

Currently on back burner. Which means I jot down fragments and notes as they come, but no proactive document opening.


Color Poems

complete: 11

min needed for chapbook: 20

Now that I'm away from basic colors, these are getting tougher! I have five colors on my idea list.


Previous Goals:  

  • finish synopsis so I can get feedback - "finished" being a relative term
  • write another color poem
  • revise 1 poem
  • submit a batch of poems


Goals for this week:

  • whittle down synopsis and get feedback
  • write another color poem
  • revise 1 poem
  • submit poetry


Current synopsis is 13 pages long of summary... Now I need to transform that into an entertaining (and much shorter, as in 5 pages range) form. I'll keep working on it each day. Cut, cut, cut. Down to the main plot basics.


  1. I sort of feel like the synopsis is one of the banes of a writer's existence, but it could be just me. LOL

  2. a synopsis is definitely harder to write than the book--keep at it, you'll get there :)