Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Tally - Jumpstart

EotF Status

# of queries out: 6


T.C. Status

word count: 8,272

minor increase


FwM Status

word count: 2,388

no change


Color Poems

complete: 12

min needed for chapbook: 20

no new, been editing


Goals for this week:

  • research/personalize for 4 more queries
  • write something every day
  • house project – organize space under sinks
  • polish and submit a poem


No hard numbers on the writing as I ease my muse back to work. Yesterday I actually sent out nine queries! That’s the end of my list for agents that represent both fantasy and romance. Now on to those who just rep fantasy. Out of the nine, I’ve already received rejections from three. Must keep busy so I don’t think about the rest.

1 comment:

  1. great job on sending out queries! crossing my fingers for you :)

    oh and I saw on an earlier post (I just got internet back) that you got a kitten! I just adopted a kitten too, a 9-week old orange kitty also from a shelter. We don't get to pick him up until he gets fixed and he's still a bit too little for that, but soon! Can't wait to see pics of Rayna :)