Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Tally (of a different sort)

Boxes of Books unpacked yesterday: 14

Bookshelves currently filled: 1

Bookshelves still needed: 1 (hopefully)

Books donated to Deseret Industries today: 450

Books remaining: not quite that many, but still alot.


It’s amazing how many books we had that were bought from library sales, and never read. Most had been in storage 2-7 years. Time made it easier to part with our collection. We seriously sat down and looked at each book.


If one of us had read it, we’d ask: “Is it worth re-reading, or recommending?” “Is it part of a series, and do we have the rest?”


If neither of us had read it, we’d ask: “Is the author/cover enough to make this a must read?” “Is it part of a series, and do we have the rest?” “Have we heard anything about this book?”


We really culled our books down. We still have a lot. One bookshelf entirely filled with all of our remaining hardbacks. One more bookshelf (going to be purchased at Ikea later this week) should be enough for our remaining paperbacks. We could have given some away online, or tried selling sell to some of the few places still buying used books. Donating them was the simpler option, and cleared a lot of room space.


Now we have room to expand our collection again. With more judgment about what books we buy.


  1. Lol, that's a lot of books. I too have way to many books, and not enough bookshelves.

  2. wow. just wow. 450 is a lot! donating is definitely the way to go, it's much easier and then you help someone else :)