Friday, October 2, 2009

October Thoughts

October 15 looks to be a busy day. B has a dentist appointment. My sister is coming up to spend her fall break with us. It’s also smack dab in the middle of the Muse Conference. And, wonderful timing, also the next 10K day for Writers which I really want to try again.


On the plus side, I have no chats for the conference scheduled that day. I could use some of the workshop assignments toward my word count. I should still have the same uninterrupted six hours, while B is in school. If my sister comes early, she can keep me in check, and play video games. She can help entertain both my husband and son if I want to try writing more in the evening. Even more so than last month, I need to really make use of my time. See if I can beat my record of 3700 words.


It would also be great preparation for NaNoWriMo.


Speaking of which, the interest from Tuesday’s vote seems to be in projects #1 (Race to 100 Deaths) and #4 (traditional fantasy about Tilara Scarlet). Lynn had the brilliant idea of combining them. Now I need to dig out all my notes on Tilara. I have a drawing of her somewhere, as well as a page on her personality, heritage, etc.


So, plans for this month:

  • Finish edits for EotF by Oct 9 (that’s one week from now!)
  • Muse Conference Oct 12-18
  • update website before pitch (see point below)
  • online pitch with agent on Oct 14 (part of conf.)
  • 10k day Oct 15
  • write 3 more chapters in TC (with use of 10k day and last couple weeks of month)
  • NaNo preparations – one paragraph plot summary, brief outline, antagonist character sheet
  • jumper cables on my poetry submission group (been quiet, needs revitalizing. I haven’t helped)


Whew, that’s a lot. Going to be a busy month. Enough slacking. Time to get my son out of the bath and get back to editing.

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