Thursday, January 14, 2010

Celebrating Poetry

Shannon Messenger is hosting a poetry blogging day. I thought I would join in the fun. I am a poet after all. I wrote the following poem/song for my fantasy novel Emergence of the Fey. Though the song itself does not appear in the book, it is referenced. The form is a Kyrielle.


The fourth moon (month) in the realm of Dashevona is Courtship Moon. It is the first moon of summer and the traditional month for courting. Those single and at least fifteen years in age are given more leeway this month, with less responsibility. The first night of Courtship is the ritual dancing and exchange of gifts.

The Human belief is that the Earth created everyone Herself. Her courtship with the moon causes magic in the world. When their dance is strongest (full moon), magic is strongest.

Excerpt: The song was a variation of the usual Courtship song, a familiar tale of boy meets girl. She had intended to watch and learn from the dancers, but she couldn't take her eyes off of Cail. He did have a gift. The rise and fall of his voice put her in a trance. He didn't stop the song after the third verse, but began singing a fourth one that was new to her.


Courtship Song

A tale I sing of girl meets boy

He labored in her pa's employ

With wooden flute he played a tune

They danced under the Courtship Moon


They walked and talked, their love grew swift

One day he shared a precious gift

A golden pendant, meant to swoon

They danced under the Courtship Moon


A picnic meal down by the lake

Where he proposed her hand to take

With hearts yearning to marry soon

They danced under the Courtship Moon


From out of darkness came a birth

And Moon looked down on Mother Earth

His heart smitten, he took a chance

As Earth and Moon resume their dance


With one full turn, from left to right

He courted her most every night

Then with a nod, they each advance

As Earth and Moon resume their dance


From birth, to marriage, then to death

Their love makes magic with each breath

An endless cycle of romance

As Earth and Moon resume their dance


  1. Hi Mary!

    Thank you so much for participating--I LOVE connecting with new writers (so I hope you don't mind that I'm following your blog now...)

    What a beautiful world you've created and I adore the song. Wow, I'm always amazed by how much talent there is in this world.

    If you decide to enter the contest I'm hosting (prize is all three Lisa Schroeder books) this counts for extra entries. Here's a link if you're interested:

  2. Hi. I'm quite intrigued with your story premise and this lovely poem. Since I like to meet new writers, I'm going to follow, too.

  3. Ooh! I love this! And it really makes me intrigued about your book!

  4. Cool poem!! I'm definitely interested in learning more about your story!

    *scurries over to click follow button*


  5. Oh wow!! I love the story in this. It reminds me of the old ballads. I could see this put to song, with maybe a lyre or something. Beautiful. "Their love makes magic with each breath." Love that! Well done!