Friday, January 29, 2010

Picasso blog award


Thank you to Carol for the lovely Picasso award. I am to state seven facts about myself, and then pass it on to seven other bloggers. Very random things about me:


1. I am always cold. Except when I’m sweating. There is no interim. Actually, if I’m sweating I can still have cold fingers and feet. So back to always cold.


2. My very first novel was started on a typewriter back in fourth or fifth grade. It was about a Chinese boy and a dragon. Chi-Chi Maco and the Dragon Queen. I no longer have the typed pages, so not sure how far I got, but I have the first two handwritten pages. Here’s what is labeled as preface, but is more likely a prologue:

In the beginning, before there was man, a dragon ruled all the earth. Her name was Mica. She owned a fortress filled with great treasures. When man first came, the dragons built a new fortress in the sky, where man couldn’t reach them. Thereafter it was rare for one to be seen.

I don’t think the story had a plot other than the boy and dragon adventuring together.


3. For the longest time, my favorite actors were the three Jonathans: Jonathan Jackson (still love him, music and acting), Jonathan Brandis (loved him in SeaQuest!, sadly, he died in 2003) and Jonathan Taylor Thomas (grew out of this one). For some reason, my husband didn’t want me to name our boy Jonathan…


4. I could live in a world without phones. I cringe anytime the phone rings. I don’t even call my parents on a regular basis. I communicate much better through email and in person. My brain always goes blank on a call. Calling businesses is the worst. Surprisingly, I worked at two jobs doing calls, one incoming and one out. Wasn’t as bad, as none were cold calls and I always had a script to follow. Whereas I had boyfriends complain because I wanted them to do all the talking during phone calls. My hope is for an agent who will let me communicate mainly through email.


5. I like to eat what I call a breakfast sandwich: a piece of toast with cinnamon on one half, jam on the other, which I fold around a scrambled egg. Yum.


6. Back in Junior High I had a typing class with another Mary. We both wanted to be writers, so gave ourselves pen names. Mine was Daphne Starlight. I’m still fond of Daphne, but Starlight?? Whatever was I thinking?

7. I get most of my writing breakthroughs while laying in bed trying to sleep. Then I have to annoy my husband by getting back out of bed to write it down.


Okay, those got kind of long. I guess I don’t have to also tell you I tend to ramble.

I hereby award the Picasso Award to:

  1. Little Scribbler
  2. Wendy at Where Ladybugs Roar 
  3. Shannon at Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe 
  4. Nikki
  5. Lynn at I’d Type a Little Faster
  6. Scott William Carter
  7. Liana


  1. Aw, thanks so much for the award! *Tear* And wow, we have a lot in common. I'm always cold, I get most of my writing revelations at night, and phone calls make my palms sweat. Ironically I work at a job where I'm on the phone all day, but that doesn't bother me, because it's work. But I hate calling my friends and if I could accomplish everything via email I would. Maybe it's a writer thing. :)

  2. Ooh fun! I have to say that I have never heard of eggs, Jam and cinnamon in the same meal before. Not sure to cringe or go and make one myself... hehe!

    Daphne Starlight? It's just a sign you like the ethereal, right? It's all about the spin. :)

  3. Wow! Thanks for the award! A total surprise.