Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Tally: Trinity Coven

I wrote some really fun scenes in Trinity Coven last week. I itched to write last Friday, but my son was out of school, and it didn’t happen. Looking forward to getting to the next chapter this afternoon. I know my two beta readers are eager to read it. Pressure! Good pressure.

Goals for this week:

  • write one scene per weekday. TC scenes have been averaging 700 words, so that would be around 3500 words
  • send out more queries
  • submit at least 3 poems


Excerpt from last week’s writing (warning, this is rough draft):


Bridget shrugged to keep her shopping bag from falling down her shoulder, while she maneuvered to get her phone from her purse. She glanced at the reflection in the store window. Still there. She spoke Maralah's name into the phone. Thank the goddesses for voice recognition, but she was beginning to see why Maralah liked her bluetooth.

When she finally answered, Bridget cut through the small talk. "I'm being followed. Don't know if he knows who I really am, or I just have a really cute stalker. Kinda young though."

"How young?"

Bridget tilted her phone to take a picture over her shoulder. Lanky but not awkward. Gorgeous full head of black hair. Face narrow, mouth firm. She lingered over it for a moment, then sent it to Maralah. "Not young enough to keep me from getting to know him." If only she had changed into a dress instead of remaining in her pilot suit. Hopefully he liked a girl in uniform.

Heat flickered through her mind. Bridget listened to its warning. She murmured half to herself and half to the fire, "He's still a boy. Even if he is a warlock, I should be able to handle him." Maralah answered the statement not meant for her. "We are not yet complete. Don't get too cocky."

Bridget rolled her eyes. "You both need to trust me." She hung up the phone and dropped it into her purse. A cafe sprawled onto the sidewalk at the next corner. Perfect. Bridget dropped bag onto one of the tables. A glance back showed the young man stepping into the shadow of a neighboring awning. She turned to stare at him fully. He took a step back and avoided her gaze. Coward.

Eyes not leaving his face, Bridget walked right up to him. He started when she grabbed his hand. "I've seen you admiring me. Don't be shy."


  1. I like the excerpt. Nice style.
    One thing I didn't understand though, when you wrote "You both need to trust me", who is the other person? I thought Bridget was talking to just Maralah?

    Anyway, great excerpt!

  2. Thanks, Scribbler. The other part of the "both of you" is the entity inside her, a goddess, the heat/fire in her head. :-)

  3. Ooh! So interesting. What happens next?!

    Your goals sound perfect. So much so that I might have to borrow them. Hehe!

  4. Nisa: Glad the excerpt hooked you. Feel free to borrow my goals. ;-)

  5. Wow! You write very well. Love the mix of old world with modern technology. :D

  6. Holy cow--excellent excerpt! Very intriguing. Has pretty much all the elements I love to see in fiction (including fantasy and a hint of possible romance). And I think you've set excellent goals for yourself this week, by the way.

    Oh, and I left a little award for you at my blog!


  7. Carol: Thank you for the compliments and blog award!