Thursday, February 11, 2010

Excerpt Thursday

Not the most clever title. Ah well. A new regular feature! An excerpt of writing every Thursday. Most likely it will be pieces from my main WIP, but I may share bits of other projects, or even poetry.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the current chapter of Trinity Coven. Kaelin, MC of Trinity Coven, has found her mother’s diary. Her parents were famous magicians, and have been dead for six months. The latter of which is technically irrelevant to the entries themselves, so… bonus info! There are a couple entries between these two, which shall not be revealed at this time.

Dear diary:

The doctor has confirmed the good news. After ten long years of trying, I am pregnant! Luc has disallowed me from doing magic. How am I to go seven more months without it?! Our next tour starts this summer. I am to be relegated to assistant status. Why does he get all the fun? I do understand his concerns. My family has a history of miscarriage. My mother lost three before she had me. All precaution must be taken.

Dear diary:

I have a daughter.

Luc tried to dissuade me, but I insisted on this one last stop. Niagara Falls called to me. What an amazing sight. So much mist and water and noise. And the rainbows. Looking over that rail, I felt part of something bigger. Then the pain began. Water everywhere. Between my legs, in my head, from the waterfall despite the blue poncho, soaking me. Something came upon me, entered me, and I felt as if I had drowned. Luc told me what happened next. I collapsed, and the child came quickly. There was no time to get to a hospital. When I came to, she was already in his arms as we rode in the back of an ambulance. Such a pale child, like she was born from the mists of Niagara. I knew then she was no Alexis, no Selina. I spent all morning looking through a baby name book here at the hospital. She is my waterfall pond. My Kaelin.

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ahavah-ehyeh said...

Popping in via your post on Twitter (I'm Ahavah there)

I really like this idea! And I enjoyed the excerpts you've shown us. The whole post is a nice hook. I look forward to more. Thanks for sharing!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I love the way she chose the name of her daughter. Nicely done!

roxy said...

I loved this post. I definitely want to hear more. Your story is great. Thanks!

Nisa said...

Definitely looking forward to more! What an intriguing character! Her diary entries bring her to life! Very cool, Mary!

Feywriter said...

Thanks everyone. :-) Now to get back to writing more...

lbdiamond said...

Love the diary entries! Well done! :)

Love the backgroun on your blog, too!