Tuesday, February 23, 2010

last Tuesday Tally of February

Last week’s goals:

  • outside feedback on two poems
  • send out more queries
  • TC: write twenty pages


Goals for this week:

  • TC: two chapters
  • send out batch of snail mail queries


Almost hit my twenty page goal. Didn’t write at all yesterday. Procrastinated the morning away, and then my mom called and wanted to take me to lunch. So by the time I got back from lunch and shopping, I only had a short rest before turning around and walking to the school to get B, signaling the end of my writing day. If I can squeeze three more pages between the half hour I have left this afternoon, and during American Idol if needed, I could cross that goal off.

I started to prepare some queries to mail today. Got frustrating. Examples of my incompetency today: had to look up business letter format (so used to email queries, mind was blanking), forgetting to sign query (remembering right after sealing envelope of course), forgetting to put header with name and page numbers on my synopsis before printing. Wasting ink, paper, and stamps here! Then my husband offered to teach me how to print on the envelopes so it will look all professional. I am perfectly happy setting the mess aside until he gets home. I’ll have to find the local post office so I can mail one that asks for sample pages.

Upcoming milestone: If I can get those three pages in, I’ll hit 100 pages! I have a feeling this novel will be much shorter than EotF. Which is fine, as it doesn’t have all the world-building of a traditional fantasy.

Next month I’m really going to push myself in my writing. Details on the 2nd.


  1. Don't feel bad--the first time I sent out a snail-mail query I had to look up business letter format too! It's just not something I ever use.

    Good luck with the queries!

  2. Don't feel bad. I once sent a full manuscript to an agent. Several days later, I realized I'd forgotten to erase the last page of the document. On the last page? A query letter addressed to another agent. Yeah. He rejected me.

  3. *hugs* Persevere! You are awesome! :)