Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Tally: Be Free

Last week’s goals:

  • send out more queries – revising again
  • joined a challenge on Writing.com to add 10,000 words to my novel (TC) this week. Need to make up for not writing last week. – not even close
  • hunt down and post all blog awards to sidebar – done!


Goals for this week:

  • finish query revisions
  • add to my bliss book
  • write two chapters in TC


I got some new feedback on my EotF query which brought up some good points. I whined to hubby about difficulty pinning down and voicing those points. Hubby saves day by pointing out underlying themes and motivations which I need to highlight. Thank you dear husband! So, revising query with new theme in mind, and more focus on the main character.

I plan on not neglecting my new bliss book to the point I don’t realize its gone. I pulled some stickers and pictures from my scrapbooking supplies which connect with me and put them in a special folder. Each day I want to add something to my book: a new quote, a sticker, a poem, a happy little drawing. Something that makes me happy that day. I didn’t have a strong mantra/theme for old book. This time while writing my purpose the perfect phrase came to me: Be Free. Free my muse, free my writing, free me from doubt and fear, free me from burdens that I may fly.

Lots of distractions last week, so didn’t have the big writing numbers. My husband was sick, I spent a day with my mom, and had some other projects demand my attention. Still on track to finish T.C. by end of March though. Need to be steady, consistent.

I was going to share another excerpt from Trinity Coven, but decided to instead stay on the theme of Be Free. Here’s a little something I wrote for a prompt last year. It will most likely be a part of Fly With Me, my other contemporary fantasy.

The wind whips her long black hair into her face as she smiles at me. "Believe in me. Believe in yourself. Remember the story of Peter? You can do this!"

I look at the parachutes sitting beside us. A safety net. I look into her bright eyes. "I want to believe."

I reach for one of the packs, but she blocks me. "Those are only crutches. Go!"

She shoves me with all her weight. Her laughter is ripped away by the air screaming at my fall. Was she crazy? How could she test me this way? I pinwheel, my heart beating out of my chest. I look down. The ground is spinning, churning my stomach with it. What did she say about Peter? The apostle who walked on water. But he sank! The ground is getting so close. Peter did walk on water. He only faltered when he lost faith.

I scream out, "I believe!" I close my eyes. Spread my arms. And begin to somersault until my head is once again above my feet. Finally looking up, I see her circling above me, ready to dive and catch me if I falter. Smiling, I fly up to meet her.


  1. ooh, love the excerpt!

    good luck with the queries--I feel your pain, I'm in the midst of queryland too.

  2. Oh, I love that. How inspiring! You know that feeling of peace that just floods over you when all is right with the world? that's the feeling I just got when I read that. Thanks for sharing! I hope you get a chance to write this week!

  3. Good luck with your queries. A frustrating time, yet well worth it when you get published :)