Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Tally: Slow and Steady

Last week’s goals:

Goals for this week:

  • continue Page-a-Day Challenge (see my progress here)
  • deep clean house
  • catch up on critiques
  • submit some poetry


It’s been refreshing having a goal of one page a day. It’s something I’m comfortable writing even over the weekend (which I used to avoid), and rather than stressing about how much I should be writing, and panicking at being behind, and writing nothing, I am making progress every day. Something is better than nothing. Not as awesome as high-productivity days, but I can’t always count on those.

We’ve already decided to abandon our 80% complete gaming rule. Turned it into grinding, and doesn’t take into account all the games we’ve finished and traded in.

Speaking of grinding, I think that’s what happened with Trinity Coven. I had boiled it down to how many words I needed a day. It became all about the numbers, and lost the fun.

Three cheers for Progress, Fun, and Rain. (I love rain. beautiful rainy day today. got the windows open. smells fresh and wonderful.)

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  1. Congrats on the progress! I'm thinking of setting some goals like these myself, whenever I start the next project. Glad to see they're helping. :)