Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick TT Today

Last full day of freedom before Kindergarten graduation tomorrow. Taking the day off to eat out, go shopping, and relax. It’s a beautiful, sunny day!


Page-a-Day Progress:

Days in: 10

Total pages: 18


Last week:

  • continue Page-a-Day Challenge
  • deep clean house
  • catch up on critiques – one more to do
  • submit some poetry – didn’t have time for this


This week:

  • continue Page-a-Day Challenge
  • finish crit
  • submit some poetry
  • summer routine
    • start parts I can do myself, so everything doesn’t change at once
    • sit down and explain charts and summer plans to B
    • Monday – implement in full!


  1. Hooray for days off!! Enjoy the sun! :D

  2. I love days off, sunny one's are even better! I hope you enjoyed your fabulous day!

    I love your blog, it feels so cheery!!! I'm visiting from Elana's blog and I'm glad I took the time to visit!

  3. I had a lovely, busy day! Thank you both. :-)

    Nice to meet you, Jen.

  4. I love days off too. You are so good with your lists! I keep them in my head but then I forget the items...or put them off, since I can't see them.
    Nice to meet you! I write poetry and fiction too!

  5. Hi Lydia! Nice to meet you, too. I love making lists. That's the easy part. Sticking to them can be a challenge sometimes. Lol.