Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Owning my Health

I think Wendy hit it on the head in last week’s comment, when she tied lack of focus into lack of sleep. April was an awful writing month. I think two things contributed to this. Health and stress. Allergies, then my son’s sickness, and getting sick myself (just recovering for those concerned). Plus the self-inflicted stress of falling further behind on my writing goals.

I’ve spent way too much focus on how much do I need to write to finish, rather than enjoying the process. Where did the passion go? I’m going to release the deadline. Be free. Breathe easy.

Weronika is inviting writers to join her in a page-a-day challenge from May 15th to June 15th. I think the timing is perfect. One page. No stressing that I’m falling behind on looming deadlines (even if self-imposed).

If I stress less, I’ll probably be healthier. But I’m not relying on that alone. I need to own my health. I’ve come up with five ways I can do that:

  1. drink more water – keep a water bottle at my desk. if it’s close, I’m more likely to drink it
  2. exercise – walking has been great for lower body, but my core and upper body are weaklings
  3. eat a more balanced lunch – I don’t send my husband to work with just a PBJ, so why fall back on that myself? If I don’t eat enough at lunch, I end up snacking on unhealthy stuff through the day.
  4. if sleepy, use caffeinated soda as last resort. get active with Rock Band, or take a nap!
  5. less repetitive gaming (*coughfacebookzooworld*) so my wrists last longer


Last week’s goals:

  • clean physical space (corner bedroom) – some improvement
  • write something

Goals for this week:

  • create custom workout for EA Active
  • create summer schedule to include writing time
  • relax, read my bliss book
  • take some time to read and enjoy Trinity Coven


  1. ooooo the page-a-day challenge sounds awesome! I'd totally sign up if I wasn't traveling for a chunk of that time =)

  2. I need to drink more water too; I tend to forget about it and then get dehydration-headaches >.<

    Good luck with the health goals, and with the page-a-day challenge! I hope that helps to bring back the fun :)