Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pink Ink

Yes, it’s Tuesday, but I’m not feeling a Tuesday Tally. This post is speaking stronger today.

I used to deny pink. I didn’t want to be a girly-girl (though I wasn’t exactly a tom-boy either). I loved pink as a little girl. Slowly, I’ve been letting both the color and the girl back into my life. It started around March. I encountered the Owning Pink website (about getting your mojo!), and had that my mall date with my hubby where I bought some pink items.

I decided I could use pink to help free me from the inner editor. On a mental level, it will keep me in a lighter mood, less worried about making mistakes. On a physical level, it’s harder to actually read the pale pink text so I can focus more on what I’m writing, not the quality of what’s already written. My beach scene was written entirely in pink.

I haven’t done it so much since school’s been out, but I’ve found singing vocals in Rock Band is great to loosen up, free my creativity, and boost my energy. So when I created my band, I named it Pink Ink.

This is still an early draft, but here’s a poem inspired by PINK.


A palace for my soul -

where I am pampered,

feel pretty;

a safe place to play,

my power and passion

come through.


Ink flows from inspiration,

introspection brings illumination,

revealing my true identity,


leaving me nude -

a natural nymph,

wild and new

as I live in the Now.


Knowledge gained

is the key to self,

to the fragile case

protecting my keepsakes.

Unlock the door.

Kiss fate

create Karma.

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