Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Tally and the Hauliday

Last week:

  • continue Page-a-Day Challenge - faltered
  • finish crit
  • submit some poetry
  • start summer routine


This week:

  • get back on track with Page-a-Day Challenge


Wednesday after Kindergarten graduation I came home to find the neighborhood garbage bins out. My husband had planned to take the day off when they came, but we never got the notice. So as soon as he got home from work, we got busy hauling junk and wood beams.

A few hours in, I noticed B was no longer playing, just sitting by the wall. I discovered he wasn’t just tired, he had a fever. (Thankfully waited to get sick until school was out for the year.) He was sick for a couple days. :-(

Thursday I got some writing in, but found all that hauling had made typing (and much else) painful. My wrists, hands, forearms. Everything hurt. Didn’t get much chance to recover, as Saturday we installed a garbage disposal, Sunday I hauled and stacked brick in the back yard so my husband could mow, and Monday we installed a built in dishwasher (replacing an old, cranky portable one). Needless to say, I didn’t write and I am exhausted!

So, how was your weekend?

1 comment:

  1. My weekend clearly wasn't as busy as yours! Perhaps I should stop complaining about all the assignments I have!