Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Quick Tuesday Tally

No new words on Emergence, but I finished Mirror! Yay! My hubby finally read through my other fairy tale, The Blazing Princess, and gave me some great suggestions for improvement. I am very grateful to be married to a man who is not only able to see the weak points in my writing, but brave enough to point them out to me. One of the suggestions is a revision that will work it so my title still fits! Which is very good, as current title is original and I couldn't think of any other good ones. Hopefully my muse is now recovered enough to return to Emergence.

Goals for this week:
  • write a minimum of one scene for Emergence
  • rewrite "dream scene" in Blazing Princess
I will blog tomorrow about the wonderful weekend I had, celebrating my hubby's birthday. =)

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