Monday, July 30, 2007

Halfway Point

I have finished ten of the twenty plotted chapters for my WIP! Woot! Even more encouraging is the fact that I have written twice as much on my novel this month than I did in April, which was my previous record. And no sign of burn out.

For fun, and a taste of the work in progress, here are the ending lines of each chapter thus far:
  1. Her hands and pockets full, she hurried back to the village to find the one person who might be able to help.
  2. "...Maybe her husband will part with some fresh sweet cakes while we're there."
  3. The landscape clear, he grabbed the loot and dashed back into the forest.
  4. She decided to stay and confront whomever it was.
  5. Too many thoughts of magic and parentage flooded her head.
  6. "It's good to hope so, but I wouldn't suggest betting your life on it."
  7. "I am Conscia, and I shall be your mentor."
  8. It gave her purpose, which would have to be enough as happiness seemed to be denied her.
  9. A name came to her at last, "Arroyo," and with the simple whisper they belonged to each other.
  10. She had no reason to be mad at him.
Wow, only one name in all that. Of course, opening lines would be more likely to have them. Out of these chapter endings, my favorite line would have to be 9. I know each one should compel the reader to keep reading, and some of these will need to be stronger, but I could spend way too much time obsessing over it. Right now I need to finish writing draft number one. Back to the manuscript to get today's writing started.

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