Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Tally

Status of my novel
total words to date: 48,620
pages: 210
completed chapters: 9

Last week's goals:
  • keep working on 100 day challenge - still going :-)
  • finalize choices for poetry submissions, and polish/prepare to send out - check. even submitted to one
  • storyboard chapter ten - this story keeps adding unplanned scenes! minor characters are finding more importance, and some plot points have changed.
  • storyboard chapter ten - done

Goals for this week:

  • keep working on 100 day challenge
  • submit to other 2 poetry markets
  • finish writing chapter ten
  • storyboard chapter eleven
  • ignore Civ long enough to do 2 hour Wednesday writing
  • polish children's story
This past week was quite a success! I flew through chapter ten - over 4,000 words written and only one scene left to go. Picked up the new Civ4 expansion today. Agreed to play LOTRO with hubby though since he has day off, and wait to play Civ tomorrow when he'll be working.

Back in March I was trying to write 500 words/day. On one slow writing day my hubby challenged me to write a 500 word story about a snail. So I did. Then didn't look at it again. Then last week I was looking at the Cheerios website (one of my poems I'm submitting mentions Cheerios) and saw a writing contest. Seeing they want children's stories, I remembered I have one. I dug up my story to read it and see if it was any good. I thought it wasn't bad, but figured I'd need a second opinion, so let my hubby read it. He said it's good but needs a little tweaking to make it more child vocabulary. We agreed I should enter it in the contest. Thus this week's goal.

Dinner timer about to ding! TTFN

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  1. Keep at it! You may be glad to know I managed to keep up with the 100 word/day challenge during vacation. Well, I admit that I had to start counting my journal entries, but still! Oh, and Tetiana is nearly 70,000 words! woo-hoo! We're both amazing! ;)