Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Tally, plus Drive

Status of my novel
total words to date: 44,305
pages: 192
completed chapters: 9

Last week's goals:
  • keep working on 100 day challenge - still going strong!
  • find some poetry markets (really this time) - found three markets I'm interesting in submitting to.
  • finish chapter nine (one really good, long, scene left) - this story keeps adding unplanned scenes! minor characters are finding more importance, and some plot points have changed.
  • storyboard chapter ten - didn't get to this one...

Goals for this week:

  • keep working on 100 day challenge
  • finalize choices for poetry submissions, and polish/prepare to send out
  • storyboard chapter ten
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I got an email today confirming that my contest entry (Blazing Princess) has been received. Yay! Estimating another eight weeks for results. Speaking of contests, winners for a poetry contest I had entered were announced Sunday. I didn't place. =( Oh well. Time to send more poems out. I have high hopes for one of the poems and will be submitting it to one of the three markets I'm looking at.

My hubby is very supportive of my 2-hour writing Wednesday. One of the great things about writing every day is that I've found it easier to get into my story when I sit down. For the last month or so I was really struggling, forcing out a paragraph here and there. Now I'm in tune with the story again and it has even led me ways I hadn't planned. Good to know the muse hasn't completely deserted me.

I finished chapter nine today. It's umm... 42 pages long... will definitely be split up later.

I've finally got a one sentence hook for my book, but not sure yet if that's the focus I want. Grr. So many aspects to this book. Would help if I could figure out which one is most important. Anyway, here's the current one-liner: A girl must choose to either save the people who killed her mother or lose the magic that has defined her.

On another note, Fox now has the final two episodes of Drive online. Still wish it hadn't been canceled, but I'll still be watching these today with my hubby. I'm a sucker for punishment. Yes, it will leave me hanging, but the process will be enjoyed (watching the show, not the hanging).
You can read a Post Drive interview with the producers, about where the show might have gone, but reading it just makes me wish they were able to film more. *le sigh*

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