Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Few Notes

Still sick, but on the upswing.


Title "Magic is Believing" changed to "Fly with Me."


Due to last week's funeral, and then being sick, I am behind on pretty much all of my obligations and goals... and now have paperwork to do for pre-kindergarten evaluations for B.


Bought My Fitness Coach (it's Yourself! Fitness (best exercise program I've tried), new and improved for Wii), but haven't started it up due to achey blahness of being sick.


5,000 Questions... My answers so far...

540. What do your parents do that you will try never to do? I'm not sure, so peacefully backing out of this one.

541. What gets you through the night? Knowing I am loved and not alone.

542. Do you really want to live forever? I don't know. If I was in prime condition, and wasn't alone, sure. But if everyone I knew was dying, then no.

543. Do you often experience powerful emotions? Absolutely. My emotions are generally way up or way down, very rarely mild.

544. What could make you so happy right now that you would cry and laugh and sing? To get an email from Firebrand Literary Agency requesting the full of manuscript for EotF, or an acceptance from a magazine for Blazing Princess, or to find out I somehow inherited a lot of money and can go out and buy a house.

545. Who is your favorite visual artist? My favorite for the longest time was Vincent Van Gogh (still ranks high on my list). Now, I'd have to say Selina Fenech.


  1. I hate how getting sick can derail an exercise routine--and a writing routine!

    Hope you feel better soon!