Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!

P.J. Hoover is challenging herself to read 50 books this year. I'm joining in on that challenge. I used to read a lot more than that, but now I write, I play video games, I'm a mom... Can't expect me to keep up with the reading I did in my school years. But 50 books is about one a week. That sounds very doable. My to-read pile already has ten books in it. And that's just those in this room, not ones on my to-borrow or to-buy lists. I've signed up for goodreads, where I can keep track of the books I read. I've even created a bookshelf for 50 books in 2009 so I can keep track, and anyone can follow along.


Also on the books topic, I've semi-updated my profile on LibraryThing. Someday I can update it fully with my entire library. Once we get a house and unpack all the books. In the meantime, I shall try and remember to update it as I get new ones.


So, keeping with the 50 theme, average of one a week, with leeway. Doesn't sound too bad. I doubt I'll actually meet all of these, but shooting for the stars, right? To do in 2009:

  • 50 books read
  • 50 poems written
  • 50 poems submitted
  • 50 chapters written (for TC or MiB)


The poems submitted equals individual poems (times sent, not necessarily 50 different ones, though I certainly have enough I could), not batches. I did 48 this year. 50 should be easy.


Do you have any new goals or resolutions for the new year?


  1. I love the fifty theme! And so great you're on Goodreads. It's such a fantastic way to keep track of books. I even started my son on it!

  2. Theme inspired by you. :-) I love how accessible Goodreads is. Add a rating, and it's on your read list. I wonder how many books I've read in my lifetime...

  3. Awesome goals - reach for those stars! My goals? re-do entire file system (getting rid of lots of paper!); work like crazy on photo albums (too many great photos to be mounted); family history work and temple names to do.